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Student Council


The Year 8 students apply through an election process to become a Whānau Leader, Head Student or ICT Leader. Leaders are selected by the staff, with input from students.

Our Principal meets with the Student Council each week throughout the year, developing their leadership skills. Matters discussed include: student welfare, student centred activities, fundraising and the well-being of the school in general.

These positions are for half of the school year, with positions available in February and July, although not all positions will have new leaders at mid-year.

The Student Council consists of the following thirteen roles:

• Head Girl
• Head Boy
• Kererū Whānau Leaders – Two positions
• Kōtuku Whānau Leaders – Two positions
• Pīwaiwaka Whānau Leaders – Two positions
• Takahē Whānau Leaders – Two positions
• ICT Leader
• Ex-Officio – Two positions