Opportunities at Bell Block School

At Bell Block School, students are able to engage in a wide variety of activities and opportunities. These provide students from a range of different abilities and backgrounds with ways to be fully involved in all aspects of school life. 

A school-wide Values programme is an important part of our curriculum with a termly focus taught across the school.  Our five school values are incorporated in our logo.  One of the Principal’s awards at assembly each fortnight is given to a child in each class modelling the value all classes are focusing on for that term. We also work hard to develop positive citizenship and are a restorative school. This means we not only support those students with challenges but also reward the students who consistently show the school values. Our school values are Respect, Honesty, Helping Others, Fairness and Taking Responsibility.

Restorative Practice

Restorative practice is about building and restoring relationships. There are two parts to the Restorative Practice plan at Bell Block School. Firstly we build the school culture so that we all have the skills we need to relate effectively to others. Secondly we have processes to solve our problems. Restorative Practice is the foundation of the whole school culture at Bell Block School.

Whanau Groups

On enrolment, each child and/or family is allocated to a Whānau or Family Group within the school.  These four Whānau - Piwāiwaka, Tākahe, Kotuku and Kereru are the basis for some of our school activities and include children from all age groups as well as an opportunity for interaction with staff from other areas of the school.  A Whānau Shield is presented to the winning house at the end of each term.

Celebration Assemblies

Celebration Assemblies occur fortnightly, and whanau are welcome to attend. Children have the opportunity to share with the school, their achievements are celebrated, and Principal’s Awards are given out.

Mathematics Extension

The extension math programme is offered to years 4-8. The key goals of this group is to broaden and extend their mathematical thinking in a range of activities that go beyond what students would experience in classroom programmes. They experience and explore maths in real life, while developing enthusiasm and skills that set students up for success in the future extension maths programmes. And more importantly they have fun!


Bell Block School organises a wide variety of team sports throughout the year including; Cricket, Touch, Netball, Inline hockey, Canoe Polo, Hockey and Basketball. With highly involved parents and whanau, our teams develop great skills in both the physical aspects of sport as well as developing how to work effectively in a team. Bell Block School is a school that values physical education. This is showcased in our whole school events throughout the year like Swimming Sports, Triathlon and Cross Country events.


The Explorer’s Club are a group of special needs and ELL children who meet every Friday morning.  The aim of the Explorer’s Club is to help the children gain confidence in the community.  We explore areas in the local community such as Puke Ariki Library and Museum, Centre City, Pukekura Park and the Walkway.

Performing Arts

There are a number of opportunities available in the Performing Arts, including Dance Academy, Choir, Orchestra and a Jump Jam Performance group. Each year we alternate between presenting a school-wide production and an Arts Festival.


We are fortunate to have daily use of the Bell Block Methanex Aquatic Centre in Term 1 and for a three week block in Term 4.  Bell Block students swim at least twice a week during these times.   The teachers and teacher aides follow the State Kiwi Swim Safe programme to enable them to help our students become competent swimmers who enjoy the water.  In 2013 Bell Block was the State Kiwi Swim school of the year.

Intermediate Technology

In Years 7 & 8 students get to experience a range of technology subjects. Currently students take travel out to Manukorihi to take part in Visual Art, Hard Materials, Soft Materials and Cooking. Back at Bell Block students engage in Digital Technologies, Sports & Fitness and Wearable Arts

Kapa Haka

Kapa Haka is provided for all levels at Bell Block School, from Junior through to Intermediate. Through learning Te Reo and tikanga together and practising and performing together, our four groups, their tutors and teachers involved all contribute positively to the cohesion in our school community. Each group performs throughout the year at school and out in the community. This year is the first time for many years that our most senior group will step into the competitive arena in festivals. We are working hard towards this and look forward to Tātarakihi and Puanga festivals later in the year.

Outdoor Academy

Outdoor Academy is a way of recognising and providing opportunities for our intermediate students who demonstrate and strive towards our school motto Kaha i ngā wa katoa - Our Best Always. This year students have been involved with horse riding, archery, air rifle shooting, mini golf and a variety of outdoor team building activities.

School Camps

As well as an overnight getting to know each other camp at school, the Year 7/8 children take part in an annual week long camp alternating between a back to basics experience and a week at Mount Ruapehu skiing, snowboarding and exploring the area. The Year 5/6 children also have a camp every second year, the venue for which varies.

Tuck Shop

A variety of delicious healthy lunches can be purchased before school and during break times. There is eftpos and text ordering available - contact Nicky for details on 02102420269. Menu

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