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Parent Teacher Association


CHAIRPERSON:                       Michelle Pigneguy

TREASURER:                            Hanna Mace

SECRETARY:                            Shannon Withers

COMMITTEE MEMBERS:       Conrad Hailes, Danielle Hill, Gayle Davis, Nicky Jeffries, Racheal Hanser, Neil Ryan, Debbie Mitchell, Renee Barlow, Lisette Charlton, Jodi Metcalfe, Cindy Manukonga, Mark Harris, Kate Blackett, Steph Korff, Nix Emeny

What is the PTA?

The PTA is a friendly and enthusiastic team of parents and teachers who meet to discuss areas of interest and achieve common goals throughout the school.  Everything we do benefits your children.

We carry out fundraising ventures, purchase goods/services with fundraised money and hold parent-based discussions on topics relevant to the school.

The PTA supports the school in its day-to-day activities throughout the year.  The Board of Trustees governs the school and the Principal manages the school. 

PTA Fundraising

It is our pleasure to support the school in the following ways:

  • Supplying all photocopy paper for the school
  • Organising a Gala every second year
  • Providing ice blocks for cross country
  • Morning tea welcome for new families
  • Providing sunscreen in all the classrooms
  • Subsidising school camp fees
  • Helping at the Community Picnic
  • Fitting a new trophy cabinet
  • Upgrading playground and sandpit
  • Installing a friendship seat
  • Painting decorations on the Junior forecourt
  • Building a new sports equipment shed
  • Installing a multi-purpose turf area


PTA Committee Meetings

The PTA Committee is currently made up of 18 parents and teachers.  We get together bi-monthly in the school staffroom and meetings usually last one hour.  The AGM is held in March each year.

We always appreciate new faces so come along any time – we’d love to meet you!  Please feel warmly welcomed to any of our meetings, dates are advertised in the newsletter. 

Friends of the PTA

We appreciate any help (however big or small) from school families when it comes to organising and running our fundraising events.  If you are unable to attend the meetings but would like to offer support in some way, we have a great initiative called ‘Friends of the PTA’.  When there is an event on, it’s the Friends of the PTA that we can call on for a bit of extra manpower and you can be involved if you’re able.  Simply email your name and contact details to the address below and we’ll add you to the list.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you, anytime!  We welcome your suggestions and

ideas.  For further information or to volunteer please email

Find us on Facebook.

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