Our School Library

Our library is a hive of activity in the grounds of Bell Block School.

We have a wonderful collection of fiction, nonfiction, picture books, magazines and more.  

It is a space where everyone is invited, it is cosy, comfortable, colourful and safe for every student at our school.


The library is open for scheduled classes throughout the day during term time and is available for visits during the morning tea and lunchtime breaks. We have a range of activities during these times - colouring-in, games, puzzles, audiobooks, storytime and more where students can quietly catch-up with friends or read the books they love!

We are lucky to have our collection online via our catalogue which is available for all students to access during school and outside of school hours. You can visit the catalogue by clicking on the image below:

If students would like to log into the catalogue online where they can see their current issues, previous issues and reserve books, they can see our Librarian Ms Manukonga in the library for this information.